I’m not a review leaver BUT… Valley Dermatology was too great not too. From the very beginning when I was booking an appointment she very friendly and helpful meeting my needs and good at reaching out. Other places I called never called back, were kinda rude, or didn’t have the time. When I showed up to get my first dermal fillers everyone there worked together to make it an amazing experience for me. Crystal and Gretchen were great about being informative and understanding what was bothering me and what it was that I was needing from them exactly. They are amazing woman there that care about what they do and the people they treat. I felt right at home. Its been one day and I’m already feeling like my old self again, and more confident without dreading what people see on my face. The years have turned back exactly where I needed them too! They made it a fun experience and I felt confident in her. I highly recommend, I also left spending a lot less then I anticipated. I can guarantee they are not a over priced clinic just generating as much money as they can. I’m very impressed because I usually don’t have such good experiences, and I won’t be going anywhere else for my needs. – Heather A.