In-Office Prescriptions

& Custom Skincare

We are excited to announce that we are offering SKNV, an in-office dispensing service that allows us to customize and deliver skin care creams and other dermatology medications straight to you from our center, saving you time on a trip to the pharmacy.

What is SKNV and Prescription Dispensing?

One size does not fit all in dermatology medicine. SKNV supports dermatologists seeking the right custom medicines to target a diverse set of patients and skin conditions.

Mass-produced medicines have many inactive ingredients and known allergens that may not be compatible with every patient. With SKNV, physicians order custom medicines for in-practice dispensing to target individual patient needs.

With SKNV, Valley Dermatology Associates can further personalize your treatment options, modifying dermatology creams, injectables, and other medication formulas according to your specific needs.

Skip the Pharmacy With In-Office Prescriptions

Not only can we customize skin care specifically for you and your needs, but you can skip the trip to the pharmacy too!

With Prescriber’s Choice, our practice can now further personalize your treatment options, uniquely modifying dermatology creams, injectables, and other medication formulas according to your specific needs. Treatment customizations available with Prescriber’s Choice include:


  • Removal of fillers, dyes, preservatives, and agents that can cause allergic reactions
  • Tailored potency levels
  • Selection of preferred medication administration routes
sknv custom lotions

The Benefits of Custom Skincare

It’s reported that up to 70% of the population have sensitive skin. More alarming, allergies and skin sensitivities are known to affect millions of patients taking prescriptions every year. This begs the question of why the largest segment of dermatology patients are forced to deal with retail medicines that expose their sensitive skin to all types of inactive ingredients and preservatives known to contain allergens and irritants?

While active ingredients in all prescriptions are well-proven, the problems for people with sensitive skin arise from the rest of the formula which contains up to 93% inactive ingredients often added for the longest shelf life possible. Placing the business case above individual care is one of the many problems shining a negative light on today’s pharmaceutical industry, and why we made the choice to use SKNV.